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About us

Where Fun Paves the Way, Every Single Day!
We are Kidwis, an exclusive brand made specificaly for customized, handmade gifts for children and toddlers. Our philosophy is simple: every child's uniqueness should be celebrated. We work tirelessly to customize every piece and craft it with love, aiming to create enchanting experiences that bring joy to every child's life.

“We're passionately dedicated to designing products that are filled with joy, rich in fun creativity, and trustworthy for safety!"

KIDWIS Founder - Kevin

Safety & Quality

"Elegantly crafted from superior-quality plywood and adorned with non-toxic, eco-friendly water-based paint, embodying our commitment to safety and environmental sustainability."

-Our Story-

An individual can accomplish a great deal, yet a collective can work wonders.

Kidwis was born from the belief that personalized gifts can shape children's memories forever. Seeing a glaring gap of high-quality, personalised gifts for children, we realized the powerful impact the charm of handmade crafts could make. We started Kidwis to bring a unique touch to the celebration of childhood.
Our journey revolves around the mission of captivating the heart and mind of every child, making their everyday games a touching memory. Name puzzles, name night lights, and children's room name neon lights are the cornerstone of our offerings. Each product we make comes with a personal touch, a sense of wonderment and a claim to ownership.
At Kidwis, every product is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring utmost detail and attention resonate within. They are not just gifts but memories in formation. As we continue on this journey, the principles of quality, personalization, and love remain our core focus because every child deserves to feel extraordinary.