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Hello everyone! Welcome to our happy paradise. We have created the cutest name puzzle in the world. Here you can find many toys that babies love.

Honetoys Store baby puzzles, cut with the latest laser technology, are made from quality wood and ink, ensuring a durable heirloom product designed to be shared for generations to come.

Our whimsical pieces and puzzle cutting patterns are hand-painted and original by our designers. The unique cuts of each puzzle piece reflect the imagination and mischief of our different designers who throw in funky whimsical shapes, tricks and teases to make each piece a challenging and entertaining experience.

The most important thing for babies is safety, and for that we always take it very seriously. All of our products are specially treated, and we sand the edges of the boards sufficiently to ensure that they don't hurt babies' hands. Moreover, all the paints we use are strictly checked for safety to ensure that they are 100% non-toxic before they are produced. Of course, it is also important that all of our products are sterilized before shipping.

Why should I choose Honetoys Store wooden puzzles?
*Independent design, copyright protection
*Great for gifts, intellectual development, relationship bonding
*Ecological composition. 100% natural wood, non-harmful and non-toxic glue

We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Reach us by

Email : service@honetoys.com
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